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Diabetes drugs work for about 50% of people with diabetes. BG-319 was designed for the other half.

Diabetes drugs become ineffective as diabetes progresses. There are no good therapeutic options to prevent the 128 million Americans with pre-diabetes from developing diabetes.


BG-319 may prevent the progression of pre-diabetes and help over 15 million Americans, who are struggling with diabetes, achieve glycemic control.



BG-319 is a New Molecular Entity that safely lowers blood sugar by correcting the muscles' ability to take up and store sugar as glycogen. BG-319 works independently of insulin, during insulin resistance, and at all stages of diabetes.
BG-319 does the primary job of insulin. As a result, BG-319 reduces circulating insulin and the amount of exogenous insulin that has to be injected.
A single course of BG-319 results in long-term reductions in blood glucose after stopping the drug, indicating BG-319 may potentially reverse prediabetes and

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